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Obis Omni's parent company Nimbus Ninety will host an exclusive two-day event in November 2013 for C-Level executives to learn how to leverage the opportunities of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, and big data.


The world is abuzz with talk of 'big data'. But while many involved in the area of analytics bemoan this latest bandwagon, Kevin Long, business development director at Teradata, is grateful for it.


Dave Cook, CTO at Time Out, tells Mark Young how the company is turning digital disruption from affliction to opportunity.


Read the Nimbus Ninety Market Trends Report 2013 - exploring the issue of convergence in business technologies.


Read a full write-up of The 8th Obis Omni Forum (20 November), with the key advice and quotes from each speaker on the agenda.


Senior business and IT personnel gathered at the 7th Obis Omni Forum to help them better harness the power of the cloud while its sister community, The Cloud Circle, hosted its 8th Forum, yesterday (24 November).


MicroStrategy chairman and CEO Michael Saylor explores the mobile platform that he predicts will become the "an appendage of the human being".


Mobile comms company Three UK signs £18m BI deal with IBM.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - Wednesday, November 6, 2013



Business intelligence refers to skills, applications, practices, and technologies used to help a business better understand its nature. This provides views of business operations, not just current and predictive, but also historical. The bottom line is, business intelligence aims to support better decision making.


Data collection is nowadays an indispensable part of business in every industry. Virtually all companies, including the smallest ones, have their own data collection systems. An extensive set of platforms and solutions is used – from the simplest records in spreadsheets up to advanced ERP systems. Progressing globalization, increasing unpredictability of markets as well as numerous and complex relations between enterprises dramatically increased the volume of the data collected. However, its efficient and rapid acquisition also does not ensure a success.

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In a previous article, A more appropriate metaphor for business intelligence projects, I explained one complication of business intelligence projects. This is that the frequently applied IT metaphor of building is not very applicable to BI. Instead I suggested that BI projects had more in common with archaeological digs. I’m not going to revisit the reasons for the suitability of looking at BI this way here, take a look at the earlier piece if you need convincing, instead I’ll focus on what this means for project estimation.


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Dr Mark Whitehorn, Senior lecturer in BI at the University of Dundee dicusses the application of BI to social data, what it is, why it is important and examples of where companies are already finding it invaluable.


James Morgan from O2 on why BI, CPM and performance optimisation are key to surviving and thriving in this volatile and uncertain economy.


Graham Cobb from IBM Business Intelligence and Performance Management emphasises the need to ensure pervasive BI among your end-users; developing a BI and performance management culture that ensures your BI and CPM initiatives achieve expected outcomes.


This powerpoint presentation by Jefferson Lynch at TAH aims to ensure that your data warehouse is fit for purpose in today's agile organisation; from data to information warehouse.


MicroStrategy’s award-winning business intelligence software is now available in a convenient reporting suite, designed for departments to start building and using reports quickly and easily... and at no charge.